The Roarinator

As I’m sitting here writing what I thought was going to be my next post I’m watching a hilarious interaction between the Roarinator and her daddy. Now I do have to explain one thing. The Roarinator is the first girl in the family. My husband has one older son from a previous relationship and we have Bubbadoodle together. She is also the first granddaughter after four grandsons on each side. So needless to say she has everyone wrapped around her tiny little finger.

Anyway she was totally working her dad tonight as he was sitting watching football and enjoying some chips. She was taking her blankie and paci and pretending she wanted up in his lap to snuggle. Well once she got in his lap she stole the chips…this happened more than once. Then she didn’t even bother to pull that trick. Instead she just stood at his feet and did this adorable thing where it looked like she was waving backwards. What she was really doing was telling her daddy to hand over the chips each time he took one out of the bag. He totally fell for it because there was no way you could say no to her. It was absolutely adorable and scary at the same time…a fourteen month old runs our lives!



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