Major Catch-Up Post

Wow! So that was a much longer break that I expected. Sorry for my absence! I totally did not mean to be gone that long but sometimes life just gets in the way. When I started this blog I told myself it would not take priority over my family. Family is and will always be my #1 priority. So while I was gone I spent time doing fun fall activities and creating Halloween costumes and, generally, just taking a break. I work a full time job and have two kids and a house to take care of once I get home so I was getting a little overwhelmed. I was pressuring myself to get 2 or more posts up each week and sometimes that just isn’t realistic. I never want this blog to become something I hate or resent. It is supposed to be an outlet for me not another stressor.

So here is what I’ve been up to since I last posted!

Canal Days


Roarinator and I spent a beautiful fall day in Metamora, IN with my parents. Although, the day was beautiful there wasn’t much to look at. Unfortunately, some of the little shops have closed and most of the tents were filled with knockoff handbags and North Face jackets. I think we decided to start a new tradition next year by going to a different fall festival. We just have to decide for sure what festival we want to try next year.


My mother is going to kill me for this picture but it is one of the only pictures I have with all of us.

We did end up with some good food though. The pumpkin roll was by far the best! I only bought one slice but wish I had bought an entire roll.



We took the kids to the Cincinnati Zoo for their Hallzooween event. A bunch of area businesses set up treat tents throughout the zoo so you can walk around and look at animals while doing a little trick-or-treating. Roarinator still doesn’t quite get the whole thing but she loved getting candy. Bubbadoodle was super excited to wear his costume and was more interested in the candy than the animals. It’s a good thing we have a membership so he can look at the animals another time.



We did manage to see some of the animals during our whirlwind trip around the zoo. The first stop was the Night Hunters and Cat Canyon.



I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a bad picture of the polar bears. Playing or snoozing, they are always a great photo-op.


Can you find the hidden rhino in this picture?


The Cincinnati Zoo recently completed their new Africa exhibit and I think it is the one area we never miss when we go to the zoo.


The latest addition to the Africa exhibit are the Hippos. We just got the hippos this year so they are still very new and everyone crowds around the exhibit. I was lucky enough to snap this picture when he decided to move to the other end.


One of the things I loved about the zoo when I was little were all of the peacocks roaming around. You don’t see quite as many anymore but we did manage to find one hidden in the bushes.


Roarinator’s Surgery

As you may or know if you follow me on Instagram Roarinator has had several ear infections over the last four months. It has pretty much been a perpetual ear infection since the end of June. She totally deserves a do over for her first birthday! Well we finally got her in for PE Tube surgery and she is doing much better.


I could not get over the adorable, little, hospital socks.


I had to be at the airport early Monday morning for a 7:20am flight to Chicago. I spent two days in Schaumburg, IL for work. We spent a majority of Monday in the office but ended up at Lou Melnati’s for dinner. It was the best Chicago style pizza I’ve ever had. I don’t have much to compare it to but it was amazing. We flew back to Cincinnati Tuesday night so it was a short trip. I was so sad that I got home right after the kids went to bed.


This is the only picture I managed to get while I was in Chicago. I never straighten my hair and so when I do my husband calls me a stranger. Not the best picture…and please ignore the terribly wrinkled shirt.

Halloween Costumes

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve given up on making Bubbadoodle’s costumes. He changes his mind so much and generally I can buy his costume for less than I can make it. Plus, I don’t need the added stress of making another costume. However, I did make Roarinator’s costume and I’m working on mine.


He is seriously the cutest Ironman I know! Just don’t tell him I told you that.

I found an adorable black cat costume on Pinterest and knew that’s what she needed to be. The costume was super easy and I wanted to create a tutorial but I failed to take pictures of the process.


She is missing the ears in this picture and the tail has since been shorten to make it stand up better. Maybe I can recreate it or at least grab some pictures of the completed costume to create a tutorial.

I will be participating in the Trunk-or-Treat event my kids’ daycare again this year so I needed a costume. With the help of the hubs I decided on a piñata! Pinterest for the win again. I am still working on mine so maybe I can remember to take some pictures for a tutorial.

Bonnybrook Farm

Last weekend we decided at the last minute to head out to Bonnybrook Farm in Clarksville, OH for another fun-filled fall weekend. The farm was beautiful and the weather was absolutely perfect.




Roarinator wasn’t too sure about getting her picture taken with the big scarecrow but I couldn’t even get Bubbadoodle to sit with him.

dsc_0938             dsc_0850


I have an obsession with giant metal roosters. I so wanted to bring this one home but the hubs said no.

Bubbadoodle waiting patiently for the farm to open because mom screwed up and read the time wrong…oops!


They had a big open barn for eating with large family style tables. We ate a little lunch, which was all homemade food. The mac n’ cheese was the best I’ve ever had.



Then we let the kids play around on the playground for a bit before we headed over to the barn to pet the animals.



Bubbadoodle loved the train engine and took his job as Conductor very serious. That was until he found the sandbox. He could have spent the entire day just playing in the sand.


The miniature pony was my new best friend. He kept licking me and nibbling at my shirt. The kids weren’t too sure about the animals but I managed to get them each to pet at least one animal. Success!

dsc_0891I failed to get a picture of my miniature pony friend…probably because I was too busy keeping him from eating my shirt…but I did get pictures of the donkeys and some of the horses.



I’m surprised every picture of me is not blurry. I’m always on the go.


After the barn we got in line for the wagon ride.  It was definitely a different kind of wagon ride. We headed to the woods and then came to a stop next to Johnny Appleseed. They had people playing different characters from throughout history and what was really fun is all of the people were born in Ohio.



Can you guess who this guy is supposed to be? Remember he was born in Ohio.


The ride was not the best for a four year old and a 16 month old. Roarinator kept running up and down the wagon and Bubbadoodle kept talking during all of the performances. I would totally recommend the wagon ride for anyone with slightly older kids.





We ended the day with pumpkin cookies for the kids, kettle corn for the hubs and pumpkin pie for me. I would have never thought to add ice cream to pumpkin pie but it was amazing.




I am definitely going to do my best to post here at least once a week even if it just to stop by and say I’m still here.




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  1. Awesome pictures and awesome fun! You are wise to remember as a wife, mother, homemaker, and career woman – your most important role is in the house as a mother and wife. They are your first priority. Everything else comes second. If life gets crazy, taking care of family comes first (as well as yourself!)And by the way…your kids are adorable!

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