Gifts that Give Back: Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 of this series, I encourage you to go back and read it. There are some great companies covered in that part as well.

Krochet Kids – Backpack

Something I have been wanting for a while was a backpack I could use as a purse and a diaper bag. Now that we have two kids and the Roarinator is a wild one it has been difficult to carry a big diaper bag and a purse. I searched several charities/fair trade and finally decided on the Ridgeview from Krochet Kids. Something that is really cool about this company is every product they sell is signed by the person who made it and you can read about each person on their site. My backpack was made by Beatriz Tucta and you can read her story here. Their model is to empower women from poverty stricken areas of Northern Uganda and Peru by providing them with jobs, education and mentorships.

Bloom & Give – pouch

I love the Kina Pouch I purchased from Bloom & Give. I love the bright pink with the black. I bought this with Christmas money to go with my new backpack. I wanted to have something I could store credit cards, ID and cash in for when I just need to run to the store. This little pouch carries all of my essentials so I can just grab it and go. What made this purchase even more special was that I got a handwritten note from one of the cofounders, Partha. He even included an extra card in case the item was a gift. Talk about going the extra mile for your customers. This company generously donates 50% of their profits to educating girls in India. By providing education for these young girls in India they can help them escape the cycle of childhood marriage, pre-teen pregnancy and abuse.

Half United – Earrings

I absolutely love the rose gold “Ali” Bullet Top Stud earrings I got from Half United. I’ve always loved rose gold jewelry but it hasn’t always been easy to find. I was quite pleased when I found these earrings and I wear them almost every day. The idea behind these earrings is that they re-purpose bullets for good. I love the style and the meaning. Also, every product sold by Half United provides 7 meals to children in need. They work with orphanages and organizations right here in the USA and abroad in countries like Haiti, Cambodia and Fiji to not only provide meals but education and skills these kids need for a better future.

A21 – Donation

A21 is another charity I really wanted to highlight even though it was not a gift I received but a gift that I gave to my parents. My parents and I decided that in lieu of gifts this year we would give donations in each other’s names. I thought long and hard about which charity I wanted to give the donation to and I kept coming back to the A21 Campaign. It is scary to read how many people are trapped in modern-day slavery or human trafficking. The scariest part is that it affects every nation, males and females and people of all ages. According to their website someone becomes a victim of modern-day slavery every 30 seconds. Many of these people are tricked and sold by their own families leaving them nowhere to turn for help. A21 has a 4P model (Prevention, Protection, Prosecution and Partnerships) they follow to help end human trafficking. You can read more about that on their website and while you are there I strongly urge you to read/watch the stories of the survivors.

Thanks again for sticking with me. I’m doing my best to keep up with this blog but this month is about to get crazy. We’ve decided to list our house in exactly a month but have a bit of work to get done before then! Wish us luck!

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