First Day of Fall

With this being the last day of summer all I can think about is that tomorrow is the first day of fall. I know being excited for fall goes against my desire to live in the present but I think we are close enough…don’t you? So who else is excited for fall?

Every year I get so excited for fall and then before I know it it’s gone. This year is going to be different. I’ve been working hard at living in the present and not worrying about perfecting everything. I just want to enjoy everything that fall has to offer.


Crisp air, colorful leaves, pumpkin farms, apple crisp, camp fires, jeans, sweaters, boots, corn mazes, warm blankets, Halloween and pumpkin spice everything. When I think of fall these are all of the things that come to mind. These are the things that make me excited to live in the present and savor every bit of fall.

I love cozying up in warm clothes and blankets and feeling the crisp air makes me want to cozy up even more. The hubs likes to call me “basic” because I wear knee high boots and love everything pumpkin spice but I am okay with that. I don’t know what it is about skinny jeans, boots and sweaters but they just seem more comfortable and cozier than summer clothes. I think part of it is that I hate being hot. I would take being cold over being hot any day. I can always add more sweaters and cozy blankets to get warm but when you are hot there is only so much you can take off.


One of the first events that kicks off my fall fun is Canal Days in Metamora, Indiana. This is a little more out in the country for us since we live fairly close to the city. It isn’t too far out but far enough outside of the city that you forget about everyday life and relish in the fallness (yep I just made up that word…but describes the feeling perfectly!). The drive out there is one of the best parts because you get to see all of the leaves changing colors. Canal Days doesn’t have all of the antiques that it used to but there is still enough to make the trip worth it. Just being out in the country walking around looking at all of the interesting items available for sale is enough to put a smile on my face. Oh and the pumpkin rolls!

My family has been going to the same pumpkin farm for as long as I can remember. Once I started my own family we picked up the tradition. We always start by picking out our pumpkins before the kids get too distracted. Bubbadoodle loves going through the corn maze finding all of the hole-punches. They hand out small pumpkins at the end of the maze if you can find all six. It’s always a challenge but the hubs is an engineer and gets very methodical. It is so fun to watch him and the kids love following him hoping each turn will reveal another hole-punch. The farm also has farm animals, a playground, face painting, hayrides, music and so much more. Now that Roarinator is mobile I am eager to see how she will react to all of the fun!



Of course fall would not be complete without Halloween. I always get so excited about the kids costumes. Last year I attempted to do a theme with the kids’ costumes. Bubbadoodle wanted to be a fireman so I decided Roarinator would be a Dalmatian and got to work on her costume. By the time I got it completed Bubbadoodle had changed his mind. I think he changed his mind about five times before we finally settled on Captain American just a couple of days before Halloween.




I love being able to make the kids costumes but I’ve learned to let go of that and let Bubbadoodle be a kid. I’ve gotten over trying to be the perfect mom who is always making their costumes because he has a mind of his own and wants to decide for himself what he wants to be. Roarinator on the other hand still can’t talk so I still get to decide for her and I’ve decided on an owl this year. It’s a simple costume idea I found on Pinterest that only requires me to make a hat and a cape. Instead of stressing over their costumes I get to take a step back and enjoy watching the kids experience the holiday.

I am super excited to introduce Roarinator to all of my favorite fall events and to continute the traditions with Bubbadoodle. He is really starting to get this Halloween thing and gets so excited for it months in advance. I look forward to sharing more photos with you as well as we enjoy our fall weekends.

Questions for you:

  1. What is your favorite part of fall?
  2. Do you have any Halloween traditions?
  3. What will you/your kids be for Halloween this year?


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