According to the definition of authentic [aw-then-tik] is representing one’s true nature or beliefs. That is what I want this blog to be; a place where I can be my authentic self. Hopefully I can inspire others to be happy with their own, real lives and to stop striving so hard for something that is unattainable.

I think it would be easy to start a blog to show a perfect house, prefect life, perfect everything but I believe it is much harder to be real, to be AUTHENTIC.

I want this blog to be a place where people don’t feel inadequate. I have read so many blogs and followed so many people on social media that make their lives seem completely perfect. They only share the good things in life and act as though life is always sunshine and rainbows. I started getting depressed thinking I was doing something wrong in life and thinking that God hated me for some reason. Thanks to family and reconnecting with God I have realized that my life is just as good as their lives but that I am more honest with myself and others. I just want this to be an honest place. I don’t want to put filters on my photos and I want to share the good moments as well as the difficult moments in life.




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